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My Background

Beth is a Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Angelic Reiki Master, Angelic Channeler and Certified Crystal Healer from Louisville, KY.  Beth is passionate about Reiki, the Angelic Realm, crystal healing, and meditation – all of which she uses in her own daily practice.

As a spiritual facilitator & channeler for multiple healing modalities, Beth keeps one foot in the spiritual realm, and holds space with you while you both work toward physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. Beth uses Reiki along with supporting tools like healing stones, singing bowls, aromatherapy, intuitive downloads, angelic connections, and other techniques as guided by Spirit.

Beth works from her heart center, providing a safe and nurturing environment to facilitate the healing process of the mind, body & spirit, while staying rooted in the Reiki principles.

Beth is located in Crestwood, KY. Her high vibe energy is powerful, fun, positive, and full of light! You will walk away feeling lighter and uplifted after having a session with her. 

My Approach

Reiki is administered through my hands with the client lying, fully clothed, on top of a massage table.  My hands are slightly touching or just above specific areas of the client's body.


Reiki energy flows from my hands into the client's body and energy field. The Reiki session fills the client with feelings of relaxation, peace and well-being, which is noted to promote healing. The client may experience warmth, tingling, sensations, and/or the flow of energy. 


Time is provided before the session to discuss questions, explain the service and review all detailed information. The session starts with relaxing music in the background and the flow of energy begins. There is time allotted after the session to recap the experience and instructions will be shared for post session follow up. 

Balancing Rocks
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