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"Beth is a gift. Not only is she an incredible Reiki practitioner, but she is also profoundly intuitive. When you are her care, you will learn about your energy, your spirit guides, and your soul.  Some of my sessions were intense, and she was with me every step of the way. I felt safe and protected with Beth, and the depth of knowledge and healing I gained is unparalleled. A consummate professional, a caring human, and a loving soul. Beth is simply incredible." -Peyton T, Kentucky 

"I received a distant Reiki session from Beth, and it was amazing.  I truly felt her energy. I had a terrible cold and instantly felt better. I was able to finally get a full night's sleep."

Jen- New York

"I can say the distant session I received from Beth brought nearly instant relief. I was ill with Covid 19 symptoms. The pain, discomfort and high anxiety were all calmed within a few minutes. The comforting effects lasted for a long time and I was able to sleep well.  High praise to Beth for her sincere commitment and intention to help others."- Lahna, Indiana

"I had the pleasure of a Reiki session with Beth. It was a beautiful experience.  Beth explained the art of Reiki in detail before beginning. I could feel the compassion she had when she went through each step. After the session, I felt so relaxed. It was a pleasure having Beth work on me and I can't wait to book another session." - Becky, Kentucky

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